The Sister 


Dutch Kills, Spring 2013


Living with Bob and Leanne, Colleen is known as the Sister. The role of the Sister is clear: take abuse, work the machine, and if she's really bad, wear the dog collar. A jet black comedy.


by Eric John Meyer

Scenic Design by Sara C. Walsh

Lighting Design by Derek Wright

Sound Design by Asa Wember

Costume Design by Deanna Frieman

Featuring Jeb Kreager, Erin Mallon, Levi Morger and Alley Scott

“strange and stunning… Jess Chayes directs the piece with razor-sharp precision and an enormous amount of understanding and insight. The text, while rich and multi-layered, certainly presents an array of challenges and requires a skilled translator. Ms. Chayes has shaped the piece beautifully and allows it to come forth in all its strange beauty.
– Julia Hochner, New York Theatre Review on THE SISTER


“As directed by Jess Chayes,… the actors, especially Mr. Kreager, are uniformly commendable.”
Andy Webster, The New York Times on THE SISTER