Primal Play


Primatologists know: we all do strange and wonderful things when we don’t think anyone is watching. Eat some grass.  Scratch an itch.  But if you take your mother to Tanzania, don’t forget to bring her home.


New Georges, May 2014


by Krista Knight


Set Design by Sara C. Walsh

Lighting Design by Barbara Samuels

Sound Design by Brandon Wolcott

Costume Design by M. Meriwether Snipes

Associate Producer: Christine Scarfuto


With Susan Greenhill, Kate MacCluggage, Genesis Oliver, Brenda Withers


Photos by Jessica Osber

"Directorial and technical invention are two of the purest pleasures in Krista Knight's comedy Primal Play....Director Jess Chayes meets the piece's many challenges with playground aplomb."

-- Helen Shaw, Time Out NY on PRIMAL PLAY