Salamander Leviathan


Joe's Pub, February 2012

Ars Nova's ANT Fest, October 2011


It's 1890 in Black River Falls, Wisconsin. The loneliest man in the world makes a deal with the Devil: A wife and a family in exchange for his soul. When a beautiful stranger steps off the train, everything seems headed towards happily ever after. But neither the stranger nor the Devil is quite what they seem. A casio-pop grand guignol about the price we pay for love. 


by Krista Knight and Barry Brinegar

Producer: Valerie Steinberg

Designer: Ethan Gould

Choreographer: Sara Pauley

Music Director: Josh Ehrlich (Joe's Pub) / Zak Sandler (Ars Nova)

Production Assistant: Jana Fisher 



(at Joe's Pub) Ben Beckley, Emily Perkins, Stephen Stout, Ali Scaramellam David Skeist, Valerie Steinberg, Sara Pauley

(at Ars Nova) Ben Beckley, Emily Perkins, Stephen Stout, Ali Scaramella, Dan Morin 



(Joe's Pub) Barry Brinegar - Guitar, Josh Ehrlich - Keyboard, James Kraft - Drums, Dave Schottland - Bass

(Ars Nova) Barry Brinegar, Zak Sandler, Stuart Feild, Andrew Fox


Photos by Ben Arons