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Half Moon Bay


After a chance encounter in the bar of a bowling alley, two broken hopefuls share a boozy, electric evening. Half Moon Bay is a darkly comic, raw new play about the lovers we take to bed and the strangers we find there in the morning


by Dan Moyer

Produced by Lesser America

in association with Cherry Lane Theatre

Directed by Jess Chayes

Scenic Design by Reid Thompson

Lighting Design by Mike Inwood

Sound Design by Janie Bullard

Costume Design by Meriwether Snipes

Stage Managed by Allison Raynes

Featuring: Gabriel King & Keilly McQuail


Photos by Steven Pisano

Time Out New York Critics' Pick

"The script, studded with amusingly offbeat asides, could play well in theaters across the country, especially in the hands of a director as deft as Jess Chayes. It’s difficult, though, to imagine better enactors than the two currently negotiating a precarious bond in this modest premiere."

--Sandy MacDonald, Time Out New York on HALF MOON BAY

"Jess Chayes directed the play with a wonderfully light hand, allowing her actors to find both the little moments and big revelations that draw you into them deeper and want to follow where they are taking us. Under Ms. Chayes's skillful direction Gabe, Annie, and the world they live in come to life so naturally that as the audience you truly feel like a voyeur.

--Evan Caccioppoli, New York Theatre Review on HALF MOON BAY

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