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The Flick

by Annie Baker

Produced by The Warehouse Theatre

Directed by Jess Chayes

Scenic Design by Brandon Roak

Lighting Design by Tony Penna

Sound Design by Marc Gwinn

Costume Design by Ida Bostian

Staged Managed by Louise M. Ochart

Featuring: Stephen Brown, Julia Christgau, Sean Meehan, Christopher Paul Smith


Photos by Escobar Photography

The Warehouse Theatre’s production of Annie Baker’s Pulitzer Prize winning “The Flick” is potentially the most uniquely raw and real piece of theatre to grace the Upstate in at least a decade....The Warehouse’s “The Flick” is so filled with these amazing beautiful awkward and above all else, real moments. It’s the interactions, the depression, the dirty bathrooms, the greasy popcorn smell, and the general grime of the theatre that all make this incredible production shine like the silver screen we all love.

- Carolina Curtain Call

"Director Jess Chayes shapes a great cast and creative team to bring the show to life. The sometimes long pauses are handled well - long enough to be uncomfortable but never excruciating - and the characters ring very true...Film, one character says, is light and shadow. The Flick manages to illuminate both."

- Broadway World

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